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Matt McKenzie

  • Favorite Quote: “If not me, then who” – Travis Manion
  • Who has had the greatest influence on your life and why? My parents. Both teachers, they always put myself and my siblings first and foremost. After they had raised all 3 of their biological children, they took on the challenge of raising two more, adopting my 6 month old (boy and girl) twin cousins. Their selflessness and generosity has been a terrific example for me to follow in my own life and experiences. When times are good, or challenging I have always been able to lean on their unwavering support and love. For there is no greater gift a parent can give their children, and I am forever grateful.
  • What’s your favorite hobby? Playing sports and games with the younger generation of my family. Weather it’s to prove to myself that I can still “hang” with the younger ones, or getting back to my own youth, the competition and comradery developed during this play is truly something special. Even though sometimes we have to remind each other it’s just a game, and not for an Olympic medal.
  • Tell us about your roots: I come from a very small family. Never really had other family I saw regularly, outside of my grandmothers and immediate family members. The aunts/uncles and cousins I had lived in Southern California, and therefore we didn’t see them much. I am the 2nd oldest of 4 boys and 1 girl. Ranging from my older brother age 41, myself at age 37, brother age 34,  and brother and sister age 17. Both of my parents are retired middle school teachers. I grew up in Heath located within Licking county. Both of my parents were from here, and all of my siblings still live within the county. I was raised Catholic, and myself and my younger siblings have all attended public schools through grade school and Catholic schools during High School. Both experiences have shaped me to be drawn to Licking county and serve the folks within and around.
  • Tell us about your family: I have a beautiful and loving wife Kyla, a talented 14 year old daughter, and a glowing 1 year old son, Boyer. We also have 2 speedy cattle dogs named Hoosier (my wife is an IU grad) and Harley.
  • Why Give? It’s something that stuck with me from my days at Newark Catholic High School, and carried over to my first real “big boy” job with Park National Bank. Both of those institutions taught giving and volunteerism as not being a choice, but a responsibility. Although, not always convenient, giving of ones time, talents, resources in all or in part is a must. Philanthropy in every way is what props up the organizations and individuals that need it most. I have been extremely blessed, and taught from a young age that you give until you can’t give anymore, then you dig deep and find a little bit more to give. This ideology has served me well in life, both it time of success and struggle.
  • Advice for a young philanthropist: First learn to give with your time and your talents. Giving with your checkbook will eventually follow.
  • Why CSS? Simple, the clients helped by the services truly are some of those with the greatest need. Most people have a desire to feel compassion from others. CSS puts the passion in compassion and changes lives every day.
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